References for Calyptotricha pleuronemoides

  •  Kellicott, D. S. “Observations on Some Fresh-Water Infusoria: With Descriptions of a Few Species Regarded as New.” Proceedings of the American Society of Microscopists. American Society of Microscopists, 1885.    (Includes an evocative description of Diplospyla inhaesa, clearly a synonym of Calyptotricha ).
  • Kreutz, Martin, and Philipp Mayer. “Artikel-Calyptotricha pleuronemoides-Ein Ciliat in einer Rohre.” Mikrokosmos 88.1 (1999): 27-30.   (I have been unable to obtain a copy of this article).
  • Phillips, Frederick W. “Note on a new Ciliate Infusorian allied to Pleuronema.” Journal of the Linnean Society of London, Zoology 16.94 (1882): 476-478.
 Apart from brief, and usually derivative, entries in several books, and reports of sightings in diversity studies, little else has been published about Calyptotricha pleuronemoides.  Kahl briefly redescribes the ciliate, noting its zoochlorellae and synonymy with Diplospyla, and supplies an original picture of the organism, reprinted by Kudo, and Bick.

A very complete account of Calyptotricha lanuginosum:

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